What are BFC Education — The World Beyond The Classroom tours?

Our tours offer students and teachers the opportunity to explore the world and learn through social interaction, physical challenges and real life involvements related to the curriculum. With a wide variety of experiences, students will be able to develop personal interests and self-belief and hold onto memories to last a lifetime.

We want you to be curious about your surroundings, and we will help you to uncover the secrets of the world.

The role of education

With teaching experience as part of our portfolio, we understand the needs of teachers and the importance of relevant links to the curriculum.

Who are we?

We are specialist travel management consultants, offering a diversified range of travel services to our customers.

Elements of the trips

Any situations that arise on the trips, be it minor or major issues, will be handled professionally and promptly by our tour directors.

What else do we arrange?

We will prepare students and parents for all aspects of the trip.


Frequently asked questions by parents and teachers.

Our Current Destinations

Malaysia Borneo, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, China, Oman, Italy. Download the itineraries.