Elements of the trips


We organise suitable lodging for students at strategic locations with best quality, where they can interact with their friends and meet local residents.


We will assist with entry visas for all of the participants (if required).

Food & drinks

We will include all meals throughout the journey, ensuring quality and suitability at each of the destinations.


We will design an itinerary for the students to explore the essence of each destination. During the visits, we will incorporate educational elements, be it environmental, geographical, historical or cultural. We will ensure stimulating experiences throughout the journey with suitable time for reflection and relaxation.

Local tour guide

We will have licensed local guides with extensive knowledge about each destination.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for each of the students is compulsory and can be arranged by BFC Education.

Full time tour director

This person is your guide, friend and support throughout the tour. We will have at least one director on the trip, to travel with the group from the origin country and throughout the journey. Ratio is 1:8, 1 tour director or teacher to eight students.

Local collaboration

We can arrange collaboration with local communities, based on your requirements. For instance, school visit, charity fundraising, orphanage support, etc.

Air ticket

We will arrange the best flight options available to you.