How do I know I am getting value for money?
All aspects of the cost for the tours are carefully planned, with comprehensive subject focus.

If my child gets sick or injured on the trip, what arrangements will be made?
We have comprehensive knowledge of all local services and foreign/overseas supports.

Can I join my children, whether for the whole duration or just part of it?
Yes, we can normally make these types of arrangement, but only the tours during holiday periods and it is subject to individual school’s choice.

Can my child extend his/her trip?
Yes, this would only happen during holiday periods and subject to individual school.

Are vaccinations needed?
Depends on destination, this will be advised with sufficient time before departure.


Are the guides during the trip fully qualified and first-aid trained?

How much travel time will there be?
Travel times vary but are kept to the minimum possible to maximise activity time.

How up-to-date are your programmes?
Programmes are checked and revised frequently.

How safe are the places we stay?
Safety is our top priority and accommodation is chosen very carefully.

How do I arrange with you a pre-visit to the school?
If you are interested in our tour, we can arrange a meeting at your school. We will gather your requirements and needs during the meeting and then come out with a suitable programme and costing. Once programme and dates are fixed, we can proceed with booking.

What is the smallest/largest number of students I can bring?
Ideally, smallest number is 8 students and largest number is not more than 40 students. Our ratio of students to tour director/teacher is 8:1, therefore smallest number is 8 students. We prefer students to have sufficient space to interact in accommodation and transportation that we use.