What else do we arrange?

Pre tour

We will prepare students and parents for all aspects of the trip.

Passport: At least 6 months validity is a must, we will check for you.

Visa: We will make sure you get the correct type of visa.

Parental authorisation form: Students under the age of 18 must get the consent of their parents.

Rooming: We will organise twin or triple sharing rooms for students.

Accommodation/Lodging: Information will be given well before departure.

Meals: We will advise the types of meals on the trip.

Tour pace: Based on the planned activities, we will advise type of shoes and clothing for the students to wear.

Transportation: We will advise on type of transportation, eg if there will be a train journey involved, amount of time in buses, etc.

Insurance: We insist on travel insurance for each of the students and can help arrange.

Packing list: Students will be carrying their own luggage, we recommend packing light. A packing list of essential items will be issued.

Money: We do not recommend carrying a huge sum of money. We will advise type of currency and amount required for each student to carry. A good idea is to arrange a prepaid credit card for your children (depends on age).

Special needs: Should any students have any special medical needs, parents should inform us about any emergency procedures we may need to arrange.

During the tour

We will brief both students and parents the detailed itinerary of each trip before departure. During the tour, students will be taught to be a responsible traveller, learn to look after themselves and their friends, as well as respect local people and customs.

Clothing: We will educate students to wear practical attire during different occasions. Students will then understand the logic behind preparation done before departure.

Security: We will ensure the students remain with their group at all times and remind them to look after their own belongings, and to be aware of the surroundings.

Staying in touch: Tour directors’ and accommodation contact details will be given to parents, in case there is a need to make contact.

Punctuality: Activities are pre-scheduled for most days. Students should respect the importance of good time management. We will arrange for morning alarm and emphasise the importance of punctuality throughout the trip.

Post tour

Our tour directors will guide participating students to log their trips.

Travel Journal: This could be in the form of writing or photographs.

Assignment: Depends on destination, tour director will arrange some fun assignments to the group. We will compile and conclude after the tour.