The World Beyond Your Work

This is an incentive travel programme we design to help you reward your employees, high value clients, partners, resellers or business prospects.

Why do you need this?

To boost loyalty and motivation
Studies have proved that incentive travel is better appreciated than cash. Cash will be forgotten very easily, but travel experiences will be remembered for a lifetime. Satisfied employees means lower staff turnover, which in turn saves you money and improves the quality of your company.

To increase sales productivity
With an incentive in mind, employees / resellers tend to work harder to hit their quotas, when they can look forward to an exciting trip.

To improve relationships
Bringing associates together in an exciting environment, with challenging activities helps solidify relationships and instigate teamwork amongst participants of a corporation. This is also the best way to treat your clients and business prospects, to boost their confidence in you and help propel your business forward.

Better value for money
With the same amount of cash, you can get more value with volume discount for travel packages than by giving out cash bonuses.

Branding and a better image for company
Travel and incentives improve your corporate image and brand by enabling publicity and exposure to media. Positive feedback from participants plays an important role on social media too.

What do we do?

We will act as an extension of your company.

Who are we?

We are specialist travel management consultants, offering a diversified range of travel services to our customers.

Elements of our trips

What’s included in the cost?

Popular destinations

Short, medium and longer tours.