What do we do?

We will act as an extension of your company. We are committed to ensuring you always look great, and are constantly upgrading our programmes so you can always experience something new. Here is the chronology of our process:

1 Objective setting/ determining

We will sit down with decision makers from your company to determine the objectives of the trip.

Meeting, seminars, conferences & workshops
If this trip is a formal/semi-formal work trip, together with your team, we will determine a meeting concept, the ancillary activities and the branding for you.

Events & celebrations
From the organisation of your anniversary celebration to team building activities for your staff, we have a multitude of ideas and suggestions to make your event a success.

Special interest
In case of special interest, we are very experienced in organising diving trips for certified divers, golf tournaments for enthusiasts and mountain climbing for serious climbers, as well as organising more leisurely activities.

2 Budget & destination selection

Based on your objectives and budget, we will suggest several destinations to select from, be it flying over the skyline of Dubai, travelling in a legendary train across Europe, waking up in the wilds of Kenya, breakfast overlooking the world’s tallest mountain in Nepal, lunch on the Great Wall of China, camping beneath the stars in a luxury bivouac in Wadi Rum, visiting the “Lord of The Ring” scenery in New Zealand, trekking through the rainforests of Borneo, sailing on the Nile river, or enjoying the sun, sea and sand in the Maldives.

3 Development & management

Once you have decided on the destination and based on your budget, we will develop an itinerary that fits the size of your group and the type of your event. We do not compromise on service levels and will make sure you receive the highest value for your money spent.

4 Spouses programme

Depending on your company policy, we can design an itinerary for spouses to come along on your incentive trips, if required.

5 Booking

Once you are happy with the itinerary and budget, we will finalise the trip and proceed to booking.

6 Pre tour preparation

Before you depart, we will prepare your participants with some essential aspects.

7 On site coordination

Should you require, we can have one of our senior managers accompany the group to manage the trip.

8 Special services

We can assist with creating the WOW factor for your VIP audience. Limo service for your board of directors, welcome gifts for your participants, a selection of optional tours, etc.

9 Post tour evaluation

Based on the criteria of your company, we will customise surveys for each travel participant and present you with a summary report after the event.