Who are we?

Fei Chin photo

Fei Chin has a passion for travel. She was born and brought up in Malaysia, moved to Singapore in her 20’s, then on to Dubai, where she set up her travel management business. She has travelled to most of Asia and the Middle East, major parts of Europe and Africa. She loves to interact and make contact with the locals wherever she is. With her language skills, she has managed to discover many of the world’s hidden paths. She always checks out the specialities of each destination before putting them together as a tour package. Her expertise includes diving, golfing and sporting related travel, catering for serious divers, golfers and sportsmen.

Bob Farrow photo

Bob Farrow is a professional manager with a travel background based primarily around the vehicle rental industry. He has worked for such giants as Hertz, Accor & GE Capital as well as one of the largest regional companies, Al Futtaim Group. His experience covers Europe, most of the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and many parts of China. As well as his passion for managing companies he also loves to travel and this was the link that he found with the other members of the team. He has now travelled to well over one third of all the countries in the world and is well able to assist the team at a local level as well as organising the main office.